Windows Vista DRM

I just crawled to trought the web, when I found an article, writing about the new protection methods and so on in Windows Vista. Here a short quote:

[…] I don’t think anyone’s under any illusions that Vista PCs won’t be crawling with malware shortly after the bad guys get their hands on them (there were already Vista exploits up for sale before the OS even hit the shelves). But what if the Vista content-protection technology had instead been applied towards malware protection? Instead of a separate protection domain for video playback, we might have a separate protection domain for banking and credit card details. […] What a waste. What a waste. […] As a user, there is simply no escape. Whether you use Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 95, Linux, FreeBSD, OS X, Solaris (on x86), or almost any other OS, Windows content protection will make your hardware more expensive, less reliable, more difficult to program for, more difficult to support, more vulnerable to hostile code, and with more compatibility problems.

So that’s what expecting us in the future. Even more expensive hardware, even if you don’t use Windows.
Looking forward to it…
Link: read the orignal article

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