DB Tools 0.4.1 & pysqlite-1.0.1.win32-py2.5.exe

Just today I wanted to try my script at church, but I realized, the windows pysqlite libraries were not avaliable prebuilt for python 2.5

well, on my linux, its just ./configure && make, but on this windows machine, it was just a pain. i had to download several hundred megs of software and then run a little command that took just a few seconds. preparing this, getting all the libraries – with just a tiny bit of documentation how to build pysqlite-2.x but never for python 2.5 – since pysqlite2 is now in the main tree… i can tell you.

anyways, 5 hours later, I proudly present you pysqlite-1.0.1.win32-py2.5.exe fully compatible with all sqlite 2.x databases (which is what uses at the moment.)

I also realised, that the installer that was linked on the Utilities page was outdated. Please upgrade to pygtk-2.12.1-2.win32-py2.5.exe, pygobject-2.14.1-1.win32-py2.5.exe, pycairo-1.4.12-1.win32-py2.5.exe and gtk2-runtime-2.14.3-2008-09-25-ash.exe to use the tools on windows.

If I have some spare time, I will probably create a installer for your convenience.

As long with this there is an update to the Database Tools, now 0.4.1 – just a little bugfix for Windows uses. And now it should work like charm, even on M$ Computers ­čÖé (see screenshot)

I really wish we’d update to sqlite3 soon… Then all of this hazzle is not relevant anymore. Remember: pysqlite 1 development stopped 2004!!

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